General Questions By Donors (5)

These are the common frequently asked questions by blood donors.

The entire blood donation process can take arround 75 minutes. The actual time to take one unit of blood takes arround 15 minutes. But it may slightly vary based on persons medical health. 75 minutes includes coardination and other formalaties.
It is recommended and safe that the minimum timeframe between two blood donations should be 3 months. You can donate blood every 3 months.
It is illegal to sell blood in India. Volunteer blood donors can donate the blood to save life. Its a nobal cause.
Make sure that you take proper meat and drink plenty of fluids(Juices, milk, water etc) before and after blood donation.
No, your contact number will not be visible to anyone. Your contact number will be shared with blood seeker if you will accept any blood request, so that he can get in touch with you.

FAQs By Blood Seekers (5)

Blood Seekers asked below questions frequently.

It totally depends on availibility of blood donors arround your given location. As soon as any nearby blood donor accepts your request you will get notifications on SMS and Mail by I Need Blood with contact details of blood donor.
To avoid spamming for its registered donors, INB never publish contact number of blood donors in website. You will get the contact detail of blood donor by email and sms if and only if the blood donor accepts your request.
It totally depends on laws of countries weather it allows to sell or buy blood. In India selling blood is a crime and INB do not support it.
I Need Blood - INB is not a blood bank, It is a platform which facilates to connect blood donors to blood seekers using internet.
Yes it is best practice to donate or give blood to yourself. In case if you have planned surgery and if it requires blood. You can donate your blood several times before the surgery and ask your doctor to store it and it can be utilized on surgery.