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How it works

Enter Your Requirement With Your Location

Blood Seeker enters requirement of blood and contact details with location on our personalized map.

Blood Donors Near to You Will Get Alert

All Blood donors matching with the requested blood group within the radius of 50 Kilometers will get alerts on their email and mobile.

Get Contacted By Available And Interested Blood Donors

Interested and available Blood Donors from I Need Blood will contact to requester :)

Why Us

Location Based Search

We use Location based search to find blood donors within the radius of 20 kilometers from your location which maximizes the possibility of quick availibility of blood.


Privacy and security is our top prioroity, we never disclose blood donors contact details on internet. Blood donors will receive notification if there is a need of matching blood groop nearby. If they thre interested to donate than only the contact details will be shared the with that requester.

Verified Members

We verify contact details of all blood donors by SMS and Mail confirmation. If anybody requests for blood, He/She will have to verify contact details by OTP provided.

No Spamming

Blood Donors will only get alerts if there is a need of blood nearby his/her location. We don't disclose contact details of donors it avoids spamming and unwanted calls. If donor is available he will contact the requester directely.

No Unwanted Calls

We don't send unwanted mails to blood donors. Donors will only receive alerts if there is a need of blood nearby to his/her location, If blood donor is available he will contact the requester directely.

Hassle Free Blood Donor Search

Enter required blood group and contact number with location. Interested Blood Donors will contact you as per the availibility. No need to call multiple donors for help.

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